nu:healthcare PCR-Suite

intuitive workflows from device to cloud

Intuitive UI easy workflow

We designed every step of the way from the ground up to make the whole process as intuitive and easy as possible. The cyclers can be fully controlled via an appealing touch interface.

Familiar experience on every device

Our custom software layer is engineered for maximum flexibility and runs on virtualy any architecture. Therefore, no matter which of our supported devices you decide to use, you will allways feel right at home.

Cloud portal & external APIs

We additionally developed a cloud suite with a fokus on ease of use & flexible APIs to create a workflow that allows for remote managmeent of all your devices and  integrates seamlessly with your existing systems & processes.

Intuitive and fully guided interface

No keyboard or mouse needed – the full power of a PCR-lab at your fingertips.

While naturally providing support for classic operation via keyboard and mouse, our custom software layer was designed from the ground up to make the whole process as easy and inutive as possible, offering a clean UI  with detailed explanations for every step of the way that can easily be controlled by touch. 

Comfortable display of results and export via USB

Our software shows the results, including all relevant values, as well as the curve data, in a clear and intuitive UI directly on the device.

You can instantaneosuly switch between a color-coded graphic representation of the samples and their positions, a scrollable table view and an individual view to examine curve data for each sample.

Additionally, all results can easily be exported to a USB-drive at the tap of a button.

Web Portal for result access, service and connection to external Systems

You automatically receive software updates, access to new features and tesmethods as soon as they become available. 

Our cyclers are connected to our specialized PCR-Cloud, enabling you to access the results of all your devices from a single dashboard.

Further more, our cloud systems are designed to integrate easily into your existing processes, offering various APIs and means of connectivity to external systems, allowing us to automatically transmit testresults or patient data when needed.

 integration available

Getting results to your patients has never been easier.

Our Software can be connected to our nu:lab app, so your patients can be notified and receive their results, together with additional information, in a modern and easy to use app or web interface.

Further more, the nu:lab platform offers additional features for health professionals like appointment booking, patient overviews and many more.

Seamless PCR-Workflows at every scale

From small and compact cyclers at the size of a shoebox to heavy duty machines that can process up to 96 samples at once, the workflow remains the same.

Our partners at nu:diagnostics offer solutions for every situation, ranging from compact cyclers for up to 16 samples to larger devices for up to 96 samples – each equipped with precision heating elements, best in class instruments and large touch screens for easy handling. Our PCR-suite was purpose built to fully utilize the potential of these machines and ensure perfect compatibility.

Quality made in Germany

Research, software-development and quality control for all of our products is done in our facilities in Germany.

That means that every cycler we ship is equipped with our latest software, configured to your needs right out of the box and individually tested according to the highest german standards.

Of course, we also offer unparalleled support from our team of experts whenever you need it, but from our experience, you probably wont.

Compatible Cyclers from our partners at  

BIOER LineGene Mini S

Up to 16 Samples

4 Channels

364 × 210 × 180 mm


BIOER QuantGene 9600

Up to 96 Samples

Up to 5 Channels

490 × 290 × 391 mm