LIMS as a Service

custom workflows tailored to your specific requirements in a robust and flexible cloud system

Experience of 3 million samples

Our custom tools and workflows have been successfully used in large scale operations to process more than 3 million samples in 2 years.

Seamless scaling

We are able to scale seamlessly from a single lab and a couple of samples a day to more than 100.000 daily samples across multiple sites in the same system.

Custom workflows with flexible APIs

Our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows, offering connectivity ranging from REST-APIs over FTP to automated Emails.

A trusted and reliable Cloud-LIMS, used by thousands of laboratories worldwide

Our custom workflows are based on the acclaimed Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) by

The cloud based system offers highest data security standards and is compliant with ISO 17025, ISO 15189 and GxP.

Based on its flexible connectivity and automation features, we engineer custom dataflows and complex automations to digitize and radically imrove laboratory processes and adjacent workflows.

All of your devices, all of your data, all in one place

The cloud based architecture allows us to integrate any number of devices from any number of sites into a single system.

This enables you to view and evaluate the results of all of your processes in a single, intuitive interface. Further more, we can combine all of that data and visualize it in beautiful and easy to understand dashboards, taylored specifically to your goals and needs. And we can easily make that data accessible to other systems if required.

Custom workflows & dashboards, taylored to your needs

With over 3 Million processed samples, our experts know how to digitze and optimize every laboratory process.

With the industry leading connectivity features of the Labordatenbank LIMS, we integrate your existing devices and adjacent systems to engineer efficient dataflows and powerful automations, in order to create easy and efficient processes specifically for your environment. 


Getting results to patients has never been easier.

Our system can be connected to our nu:lab app, so your patients can be notified and receive their results, together with additional information, in a modern and easy to use app or web interface.

Further more, the nu:lab platform offers additional features for health professionals like sample registration, patient overviews and many more.