testresults, appointments, home-tests & more 
all in a single, easy to use app

Your results, wherever you go

We designed the nu:lab platform for highest ease of use, offering performant native apps for all major platforms and an intuitive webinterface to access all of your testresults. 

1.5 million results delivered

Hundreds of thousands of people already trust nu:lab when it comes to receiving their lab results with millions of testresults delivered to our users in just 2 years.

Easy integration with flexible APIs

The system is designed to easily integrate new partners. We therefore offer multiple ways of exchanging data and develop custom APIs for you in no time.

Delivering testresults has never been easier

Give your patients access to all of their testresults in an inutive and easy to use interface.

With nu:lab, your patients get instant access to their test results, as well as additional infomration you may want to provide regarding next steps or recommendations, in the most convenient way possible.

All of our features are accessible directly via a clean and modern web interface, as well as intuitive native apps for both android and iOS. So your patients can securely manage all of their testresult and be notified via email & push notification as soon as they become available.

Specialized features for every situation

Manage appointments, register samples, submit results – all within the same platform.

You want to have your patients book appointments with flexible timeslots and capacity management? We have an integrated appointment feature.

You want to view all of your patients results and register new samples at the click of a button? We have you covered in our health professionals feature.

You want to regularly check your staff in an easy and efficient process with all relevant information available at a glance? Use our group-test feature.


Easy sample registration

Our software makes registering a new sample as convenient as possible for all parties involved.

Depending on your specific workflow, registering a new sample can be as easy as pressing a button to print a new label or scanning an existing label with a barcode-reader or smartphone.

Additionally, you can leave the whole registration-process entirely to the patient with our self-registration feature. This is also applicable to mail-in samples, enabling you to offer tests at home.

Flexible integration into your existing systems

Tailored workflows for your specific requirements

Our system is incredibly versatile in terms of data flows and connectivity, allowing us to build custom workflows that integrate seamlessly into your existing processes and systems. From retreiving patient information to submitting results back into your system, our process engineers will create a solution that is purpose built to perfectly suit your setup.

Data security made in Germany

Development and hosting of all of our software products is made in Germany and all data is stored securely and encrypted on servers in Frankfurt.

We never share or sell any personal information and we only ever store personal information where it is absoluetly necessary to fulfill our services or comply with regulatory requirements. Access is strictly limited to the the medical professionals involved in obtaining the testresult and the respective patient. All data is stored securely on certified servers in Frankfurt and can be deleted at the users request.